Interesting Links 14 May 2012

A late blog post on a Monday is a sure sign I had a busy weekend. Not work this time – Mother’s Day and a bunch of other things with family and work around the house. I hope your weekend was as good as mine was. Here now some links that I collected to share.

Andrew Parsons@MrAndyPuppy has put all of the Imagine Cup Game Design Semi-finalist videos in one place  Xbox/WindowsPhone Games

Share innovative project ideas & collaborate w/ colleagues @ Microsoft’s Partners in Learning 2012 US Forum  Tomorrow April 15th is the last day to apply. Don’t miss out!

T. Andriopoulos, a PiL Global Forum alum shares his experience using fiction to engage students with math

Inspired by Microsoft's Imagine Cup, Students From Harvard, MIT & Tufts Join Forces to Launch a Startup  I love stories like this!

I ran into this Interesting Programmer Competency Matrix Like most such I think it shows some author biases. What do you think?

Won't you please vote for Digital Infinity. 2012 Imagine Cup People's Choice I know I bug you about this all the time but the end is near. Voting ends this week and you can vote every day.

Someone pointed me to this. Once again, the folks at @MSFTResearch blow me away the their awesome-future stuff One screen two images at the same time.

Getting lost and found with the C# Maze Generator and Solver (on Channel 9) Something fun to play with for the end of the school year? Let me know if you or your students do anything cool with this.

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