How do they know they are interested?

Or more importantly how do students know that they are NOT interested in computer science? As I mentioned recently I had a conversation with Mike Zamansky from New York’s Stuyvesant High School about his program there. One of the key pieces of that program is a required computer science course for sophomores. As Mike explained…


There Is Only So Much You Can Cover

I’d fallen a bit behind in my blog reading lately. Over the long weekend I tried to catch up some and came across a post by Leigh Ann DeLyser called Lets just blame the Intro CS… That post was a response in part to an article about the struggle to plug the embedded programming gap….


Interesting Links 29 May 2012

Links are a day late because of the Memorial Day holiday. A day of remembrance. I spent a little time with my father, a combat veteran of World War II which was great. Over all a good weekend with a lot done around the house, a little time of recreation and some time to remember…


Kinect for Windows: SDK and Runtime version 1.5 Released

If you are using the Kinect sensor for projects, especially if you have the new Kinect for Widows version, you will want to get the latest software development kit and related tools. There is a full list of what is involved at the Kinect for Windows Blog > Kinect for Windows: SDK and Runtime version…


Shouldn’t Computer Labs Be Cool Places?

Back in the day when I went to a college with A computer room with A computer it was cool enough that there was a computer there and that it was available to students. Today that’s not the case – having a computer (or bunch of them) does not automatically make for a cool place. …


Interesting Links 21 May 2012

I spent Friday visiting with high school Computer Science teachers at the St Joseph’s College (Long Island NY) programming competition. This is always a good time for me. Every year I have some good conversations. Some with teachers I see there year after year and some with teachers I am meeting for the first time….


Be What’s Next!

Grace Hopper used to tell her audiences that if they ever used “because we have always done it this way” as an excuse for anything that she would magically appear next to them to “haunt” them. I first heard her say that some 40 years ago and it has stuck with me since then. And…


What should the High School CS curriculum look like?

I get asked questions like this a lot “can you share how you would construct a 3 year programming sequence, preceded by IC-3 type course, and culminating in AP JAVA. What would be your first two CS courses?” You’d think I’d have a great answer on the tip of my tongue by now. But I…


Please Don’t Learn To Code

I am a late convert to the idea of computer science education for everyone. Or pretty close to everyone. A lot of people still don’t see it as valuable for more than a few people with some sort of natural predisposition for programming. I think there are many reasons for this. One is that they…


Student Implemented SharePoint Solutions

I hear a lot of questions about SharePoint. Things like what can I do with it? How hard is it to use? That question usually is code for “do I need to hire a high priced professional to use it?” And occasionally can I fit it into the curriculum? Well there is a great webcast…