Interesting Links 26 March 2012

Busy week (as usual) in between meetings and trying to Get ready for Windows 8. I also spent some time at a high school programming contest which I’ll have more to say about tomorrow. And of course I gathered some good links to share.

From the CSTA the March issue of the CSTA Voice: K-8 CS Education is now available. If you are a member you should have received a copy in the mail. If you are not a member you can read this issue online. And oh by the way if you are a computer science teacher you should really join at the CSTA web site.

Microsoft is running a great learning event in New York City called Windows Reimagined–April 19th, 2012. My manager wrote about it on his blog. If you are in the area you may want to regard this as a professional development opportunity.

My friend Randy Guthrie has written about Design Principles for Metro Apps which you will want to take a look at as you  Get ready for Windows 8 development.

 Daily Insights from the Heroes in Education is a year long series that I have talked about before. You can read about this series at the Teacher Tech blog.

Tom Indelicato who took over the HS CS program when I moved on to Microsoft wrote about his plans for after the APCS exam - Windows Phone apps!

Lesson plan: Where did I come from? Create a totem & PowerPoint presentation to narrate your family history.  Cool project for teachers you make know.

Windows Phone Software Development Kit: and links to related posts for more resources for people looking to create Windows Phone apps.

Kinect in teaching with Microsoft curriculum materials  check it out for help teaching Kinect development to your students.

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