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Like almost everyone at Microsoft I have been hard at work getting ready for Windows 8. I’ve got the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and the Visual Studio Express Beta for Windows 8 of course. Trying out the Windows 8 Consumer Preview has been fun as I get used to the new interface. Of course as a developer by nature I want to get into Windows apps as soon as possible. So I have bee gathering a few resources already. Key among those are some items from the Metro style apps dev center.  Believing that reading the documentation IS the shortcut I am starting with the Windows 8 developer guide. Things like design principle, App contracts and versatile input modalities are going to be important in creating good apps. My friend Randy Guthrie has a post about Design Principles for Metro Apps that I am taking a good look at.

Lindsay Lindstrom has posted about a number of Windows 8 Developer Camps – Coming Soon! and I plan on attending at least the one in Waltham. Oh and we’re having a big Windows Reimagined–April 19th, New York, NY event that I am planning on attending. If you plan on attending any of these you’ll want to install the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and the Visual Studio Express Beta for Windows 8 first.

There are other resources for developers to download as well. Check out the Downloads for Developers page for:

The tools and SDK 

Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Express Beta for Windows 8 is your tool to build Metro style apps. It includes the Windows 8 SDK, Blend for Visual Studio, and project templates.

Design assets Download design assets (48 MB)

These .psd assets include templates, common controls, and common components such as contracts, notifications, and tiles. Learn more about designing Metro style apps.

Sample app pack Download sample app pack (300 MB)

This package contains over 200 samples from Microsoft to help jumpstart your project quickly. You can also browse individual samples, copy code inline, and leave comments in the samples gallery.

Live SDK Get the Live SDK

The Live SDK provides a set of controls and APIs that enable applications to integrate Single Sign On (SSO) with your Microsoft account and access information from SkyDrive, Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger.

Well that’s what I’m working on. Development blog posts as soon as I have time to get something into sharable shape.

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