Interesting Links 19 March 2012

Have you gotten the free software tools to develop for Windows Phone 7.5 and Xbox LIVE Indie Games Please take a look at these great resources. By the way I have added a new list to this blog of Useful Download Resources you’ll find it on the main page. You’ll find some good links there for:

Kathleen Weaver has started an interesting project. She is writing about Programming in Visual Basic in order to teach programming. The site is in blog format so start reading at to understand her plans and goals.

APCS teachers will want to take a look at Pex4fun, an online lab for APCS.

Congratulations to Mark Guzdial for winning the  IEEE CS 2012 Computer Science & Engineering Undergraduate Teaching Award Well deserved!

Doug Bergman is profiled in The Cross-Curricular Power of Computer Science One of the recent posts in a year long series highlighting teachers from around the world.

Channel 9  @ch9 has a new video out: Bizzy Bees - A XNA for Windows Phone 7 game building walkthrough

Stack Exchange Q&A site proposal: Computer Science Education

Stack overflow is one of the top online forums sites for software professionals to ask and answer questions. They have a Proposed Q&A site for serous K-12 and post-secondary computer science educators that will be created if enough people committee to participate. I have signed up as I think this could be a great forums for sharing ideas resources and to build community among CS educators.

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