DevCamps–More Opportunities to Learn Windows 8 Development

Microsoft is happy to announce that Windows 8 DevCamps have been added to the DevCamps program to enable developers to build beautiful Metro style apps and publish them to the Windows Store. There are over 100 events on the site and registration is open now!   Be sure to download the Windows 8 Consumer…


Windows Reimagined–Windows 8 Developer Events

Windows 8 is going to be a big change for a lot of people. Microsoft is of course doing a lot to help people prepare for this. As part of this effort Microsoft is running a set of anchor events to help developers get started learning how to create new Metro-style apps. These all day…


Why Universities Should Host High School Programming Contests

I finished up last week with a trip to Western New England University where they were running a high school programming contest. I love these events because I think they have real value for the students and the teachers who bring them. For the students the values start with seeing that they are not alone….


Interesting Links 26 March 2012

Busy week (as usual) in between meetings and trying to Get ready for Windows 8. I also spent some time at a high school programming contest which I’ll have more to say about tomorrow. And of course I gathered some good links to share. From the CSTA the March issue of the CSTA Voice: K-8…


Who Is In Charge

I have to confess that I have not been doing a great job of keeping up with my blog reading lately.  I’ve been reading more books for pleasure lately. That’s been great in some respects but in others I feel like I am missing things. One post I almost missed was this one by Scott…


Getting Ready For Windows 8

Like almost everyone at Microsoft I have been hard at work getting ready for Windows 8. I’ve got the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and the Visual Studio Express Beta for Windows 8 of course. Trying out the Windows 8 Consumer Preview has been fun as I get used to the new interface. Of course as…


The Best and Most Innovative Teachers

Being somewhat opinionated about the subject (who am I kidding – most subjects) and at the same time being more or less incapable of keeping my opinions to myself I have written here about what makes a good teacher a number of times. I’ve talked about subject matter expertise and passion for the subject and…


Windows Phone Software Development Kit

I know I have mentioned the Windows Phone SDK (software development kit) a lot in the past but usually only as a reference along with other things. It really deserves a post of its own though. The Windows Phone Software Development Kit (SDK) 7.1 provides you with all of the tools that you need to…


Interesting Links 19 March 2012

Have you gotten the free software tools to develop for Windows Phone 7.5 and Xbox LIVE Indie Games Please take a look at these great resources. By the way I have added a new list to this blog of Useful Download Resources you’ll find it on the main page. You’ll find some good links there for:…


ChronoZoom–a new way to look at history

Microsoft Research announced a new project a couple of days ago called ChronoZoom – An Infinite Canvas in Time and you can get full information at that link but the intro paragraph below is a bit of an idea of what this is about. I think this will be interesting to history teachers as well as…