Interesting Posts 30 January 2012

Wow! January if almost over. Groundhog Day coming up this week. I wonder if these is a fun computing project around Groundhog’s Day? Randomly choose if the groundhog see his shadow and we have an early spring? Or is it an early spring if he doesn’t see his shadow? I’ll have to Bing that. Smile  Starting off this week in New Jersey at the high school computer science workshop run by Stevens Institute. I come most years as there are just a wonderful bunch of high school computer science teachers from all over New Jersey and some from across the river in New York as well. More on that tomorrow perhaps. Have to remember to take pictures.

This week Microsoft announced that  teams from Croatia, Ecuador, Jordan and the U.S. won the first ever Imagine Cup Grants These grants will help these teams further develop and deploy some potentially life changing applications. Better physical therapy solutions at lower costs, translating spoken language into sign language, a system that allows people who do not have use of their hands/arms to use a computer and point-of-care tool to diagnose malaria using an augmented Windows Phone application that has to potential to save a great many lives. What will this year’s Imagine Cup teams come up with? What will YOUR students come up with?

Nice new post by Cameron Evans @EDUCTO titled The America Within Our Reach Innovation and education can make a world of difference.

FRC Team 1912 driving a robot with code in LabVIEW and sensor information from a Kinect.  Interested in developing with Kinect? Look no further, here is an awesome video beginner’s guide  via @Ch9

You know I had more but I lost them. Not sure how that happened but I hope to have more and even better links next week.

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