Interesting Links 02 January 2012

Happy New Year! My best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year to all my readers. Today is technically the last day of y vacation. Back to a full day’s work tomorrow. I did spend some time over the weekend putting this together though. A lot happened over the holiday week just past.

Ray Chambers continues his programming with Kinect series with:

Johnny Kissko  @johnnyeducation writes about  What's Next with KinectEducation?

Eugene Wallingford @wallingf pointed me to this thorough article by Keith Schwarz on efficiently simulating (loaded) dice  ore to think about that you might expect.

Mark Guzdial writing in Education Nation talks about Why We Should Be Teaching More Computer Science Classes

Doug Peterson @dougpete: pointed to to this article called Everything for free, always: how Facebook ads show us the sad state of the Internet  This article is a great start for a discussion about the Internet and computer science in society.

This year (2012) is a leap year - does your software know that? A post from the last leap year that may suddenly be timely again talks about calculating when it is a leap year.

The Coding 4 Fun blog @coding4fun has a sample project to help you get started Playing Blackjack on your new XBox 360, Windows PC and/or Windows Phone 7.1(5). You could also use some of this as the base for card games of your worn.

This sample is a fully-functional Blackjack card game for Windows, Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7, built on top of an easily-extensible card game and animation framework you can use to build your own card games.

My friend Clint Rutkas @ClintRutkas: announced the just released v1.3 of ScriptTD on Codeplex.

Be the leader of innovation at your school by using Kinect in the classroom. Win one by entering this sweepstakes.

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner:  tweeted a link to this photo of a 5 MB hard disk drive being forklifted out of a plane's cargo hold in 1956 which makes a great visual!

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