Interesting Links 26 December 2011

Well I spent more time on the computer in general and blogging last week then I intended. I may have a problem. Smile I managed to ignore a lot of email and didn’t do much of my usual work though so I got some break. This past weekend was spent with family and friends celebrating Christmas. It was great. I hope your weekend was as good regardless of what you do or do not celebrate. I collected a few links to share beyond the stuff I blogged about though. Perhaps you’ll find something to interest you while you rest off the weekend.

Are you interested in learning more about the Cloud that everyone is talking about? Microsoft Kicks Off Cloud Fundamentals Video Series

Ray Fleming in Australia talks about Using Kinect in the classroom for music teaching with some videos.

Interested in teaching Kodu to children aged 6+ look at this great curriculum and resources

This resource is designed to help you use Kodu as part of a class, as part of an after-school programme or to support learners who wish to discover and use Kodu at home. The aims of the resource are to get students using Kodu to gain an understanding of basic computer programming concepts and also to suggest ways that Kodu might be used to complement a more traditional curriculum.

A couple of places including @CSEdWeek: linked to this article in the Wall Street Journal about Computer Science majors being on the rise. Is this Geek-Chic education taking off: Mark Guzdial also has come comments at Big growth in CS in NYC with others replying to it there.

Baker Franke on retaining women in computer science CSTA Teacher Leader Champions Women in STEM at White House

CSTA was recently recognized by the White House as a Champions of Change. This blog piece by CSTA Leadership Cohort member Baker Franke is reprinted with permission from White House blog. Baker was invite to represent CSTA at this D.C. event. The original blog piece was posted December 13th at:

Baker is the Vice President of the Chicago chapter of the Computer Science Teachers Association, a group he helped establish in 2008.

Introduction To Designing For Windows Phone 7 And Metro, (via @smashingmag) Really good overview of wp7 design!

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