Kinect Educators

One of the great things in my job is the chance to make connections between people doing interesting things. Lately a lot has been happening in the world of educational uses for the Kinect Sensor utilizing the Kinect for Windows SDK. Johnny Kissko seems to be the center for a lot of this so I have been trying to make sure he knows about them. Johnny is building a real virtual team (real virtual team? Did I just write that) via his KinectEDucation website. He’s introduced a number of people who are working with him via his blog:

One of the highlights of this team so far is Doug Bergman’s video introduction to Kinect programming. This is one of several videos on the KinectEducation Channel on YouTube.  Speaking of introduction and how to do as well as moving nicely into another introduction. Ray Chambers (from the United Kingdom) has started a series of lessons on his blog. So far there are four entries.

On the other side of the world (Australia), Lucas Moffitt is working on a Kinect enabled version of his Word Filler project. A lot going on. You can always search the Kinect keyword to find what I have been blogging about with regards to Kinect as well.

And last but not least don’t forget Microsoft’s home page for Kinect in Education!

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