Interesting Links 28 November 2011

Last week was a quiet one for me. Thanksgiving holiday in the US meant I didn’t spend as much time on the Internet as usual. Also a lot less blogging and email activity by many of the people I look to for interesting links. This week should be more active. I did find a few links to hare though.

First off a suggestion that if you missed these two posts of mine from last week you should check them out:

From the CSTA blog - a look at CS education in Costa Rica by Steve Cooper. From what I read in Steve’s post there is a lot of interest in doing more computer science education in Costa Rica. A lot of it is using Visual Basic which made me happy. Steve was down there teaching Alice though which is also pretty cool.

Never to Young or to Old to Be a Developer or a College Student: Meet 15-year old JUNIOR at Morehouse – Stephen Stafford in a post by Tara Walker. Tara met Stephen at a recent workshop she ran at Morehouse College. A cool story.

Missed the Windows Phone 7.5 Developer Event streamed live? The on-demand video files are now available.

An interesting link from my friend Doug Peterson (@dougpete) 15 Awesome Yet Free Microsoft Products Worth Downloading 

Check this video out -- Ramp Riot Kinect Demo Using a Kinect to control a FIRST Robotics Robot


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