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imageThanks to Johnny Kissko (9 Excellent Programming Resources for Kinect) I recently discovered Ray Chambers who is “currently teaching ICT at Lodge Park Technology College in Corby Northamptonshire.” in England  who has been doing a lot with Kinect. Check out some of his more recent blog posts.

He’s making a lot of his code available which is great. I’ll still digging into it. SO much code – so little time.

Also there is Kinect to Scratch which looks interesting – to say the least.

[…] developed some software called Kinect2Scratch that allows data from the Microsoft Kinect controller be sent to Scratch, the programming language for kids from the MIT Media Laboratory.

Channel 9 recently posted about a great project with a lot of potential called 2FAAST Kinect

Today's project will interest those looking to emulate other Windows input functions via Kinect by showing how the Kinect can work with the Windows Input Simulator (C# SendInput Wrapper - Simulate Keyboard and Mouse) project.

You’ll want to keep an eye on the Kinect projects at Coding 4 Fun on a regular basis BTW. Johnny Kissko’s KinectEducation site is also a good resource to keep an eye on.

And remember that the new home of Kinect for Windows is

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