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This week Microsoft is hosting over 700 innovative teachers from around the world in Washington DC at the Microsoft Partners in Learning Global Forum. Unfortunately I’m not there. I really am disappointed. I was totally inspired by the US version that selected the teachers from the US who would attend the Global Forum. I met many inspiring teachers and would have liked to have seen some of them again and met more great teacher from around the world.

I do have friends there though and I am all following events via Twitter, blogs, and the virtual press room. Speaking of blogs, Doug Peterson wrote about Warming up for #PILGF  about the opening night. The TeachTech blog wrote about Sec. of Ed. Arne Duncan visits with US educators and throws a fish! Microsoft VP for Education Anthony Salcito blogged about Celebrating the world's most innovative & inspiring teachers

The Microsoft in Education blog wrote about the 12 educators to represent the U.S. at the Partners in Learning Global Forum but I pulled out the summaries of the computer science related projects/teachers for you to take a look at.

Louis Zulli Jr. Lakewood High School, St. Petersburg, Florida

PiL_Louis_223x122Project: Center for Advanced Technologies News and Information Portal (CATNIP) --- 1st place – Use of Technology for Learning, 2011 US Forum

CATNIP is an ongoing project to create a school intranet that integrates campus communication, curriculum planning and facilities management into one site with students working in collaborative teams to develop this school-wide resource. This project uses a wide variety of technologies including Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, SharePoint Designer 2010, Visual Studio 2010, InfoPath 2010 Expression Blend, and Silverlight all led by the student’s as software developers.
Learn more about CATNIP

In Mr. Zulli’s spare time he likes things that a big, loud and fast, check out his profile on Facebook to see what that thing is?

Doug Bergman Porter-Gaud School, Charleston, South Carolina

PiL_Doug_223x122Project: Computer Science through Entrepreneurism and XNA Game Studio for the Xbox --- 2nd place – Use of Technology for Learning, 2011 US Forum

Students in this hybrid computer science and entrepreneurship class learn how to manage and work on a single large computer programming project using Microsoft’s XNA Gaming Studio, as well as developing their own software coding and problem-solving skills. They apply the equally important skills of entrepreneurism using the NFTE (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship) curriculum, building, and eventually presenting a business plan for the game idea they choose. Additionally students identify something they are personally passionate about and create a game or simulation for the Xbox that teaches, demonstrates and generates interest in the area they have chosen.

Learn more about Comp Sci and Entrepreneurism

Find out why Mr. Bergman became a teacher in our Educator Spotlight on Facebook.

2011 US Forum - Learning Excursion Project Team

Educator Team:
Doug Bergman - Johnny Kissko - Margaret Noble - Donna Thomas - Lou Zulli, Jr.

PikePlaceTeachersProject: When Fish Fly --- Winner – Educators’ Choice

This project integrates computer science, fine arts, business and economics asking students to “…collaboratively research, design, and integrate a game simulation replicating Pike Place Fish Market that incorporates the business process, customer interaction and physical energy across multiple content areas. The project supports dynamic interaction using the Kinect system and will serve to facilitate an active learning model of education.

Note: At the 2011 US Forum in July educators were teamed-up and sent to various cultural and historical and sites around Seattle dubbed “Learning Excursions” with the mission to develop a project they could use in their classrooms. All projects were voted on by their peers. When Fish Fly was the winning project following this team’s visit to the historic Pike Place Market. Learn more here.

See also Sec. of Ed. Arne Duncan visits with US educators and throws a fish!

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