The Perfect Educational Computer Lab

I had the following question via Twitter the other day “Hey Alfred. We got permission to overhaul our computer lab, Have you seen any innovative strategies or configurations?” Now this is a question that comes up pretty regularly among computer science teachers. Or teachers who teach computer applications for that matter. Every time the subject…


12th Annual Computer Science & Information Technology Conference.

The Computer Science Teachers Association runs what I consider the single best and most important professional development events of the year for computer science educators – the Annual Computer Science & Information Technology Conference. I’m honored and excited  to be on the program committee again this year. Yesterday the CSTA sent the following their membership….


Interesting Links 28 November 2011

Last week was a quiet one for me. Thanksgiving holiday in the US meant I didn’t spend as much time on the Internet as usual. Also a lot less blogging and email activity by many of the people I look to for interesting links. This week should be more active. I did find a few…


Programming for Absolute Beginners from Channel 9

Channel 9 has just launched an absolute beginner series to help people learn to program. There are two versions of the Development for Absolute beginners materials – one for Visual Basic and one for C# Well worth checking out. Visual Basic Development for Absolute Beginners C# Development for Absolute Beginners  There are some additional resources…


The Rock Paper Azure Challenge is back

The Rock Paper Azure Challenge is back and you could win big! Play Rock, Paper, Scissors in the cloud for your chance  to win a trip to Cancun, an Acer Aspire S3 Laptop, a Windows Phone, or an XBOX 360/Kinect bundle! Entering is simple – create a player bot (sample code provided) and enter it…


Interesting Links 21 November 2011

This week will be a short one with the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US later this week. I’m not sure how much I will be posting this week or how many links I will be collecting. Last week was a regular week though and I have a selection of links to share with you….


Big App On Campus

Microsoft announced a Windows Phone development contest for college/university students in the US (sorry about both the US only and the 18+ only – I’m just the messenger)  The full details with contest rules and other stuff may be found at  Do You Have What it Takes to be the Big App on Campus? but…


Collection of Kinect in Education Links

Thanks to Johnny Kissko (9 Excellent Programming Resources for Kinect) I recently discovered Ray Chambers who is “currently teaching ICT at Lodge Park Technology College in Corby Northamptonshire.” in England  who has been doing a lot with Kinect. Check out some of his more recent blog posts. Kinect Orchestra! – Made using Kinect SDK Beta…


C# Mini Course

So this is an experiment of sorts. Last summer I was asked to train some college students in C#. The goal was to get them ready to teach some very basic programming to high school students for a short summer program. The students I was to train were in South Dakota. Now South Dakota is…


Leading With Kinect

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hosting a group of students from the Boston Preparatory Charter Public School. I even wore a tie because these students wear ties as part of their uniform and somehow I felt under dressed without a tie on previous visits. These were tenth graders who were visiting a couple of…