Interesting Links 24 October 2011

I am constantly amazed by the opportunities to learn things online by virtual attendance at events these days. In the past week I listened to a keynote (Live streamed) by Gary Stager from Iowa, followed a lot of Twitter traffic from EduCause, and Saturday listened to a round table on education sponsored by Dell ( All that and learned a lot from other Twitter traffic, various blog posts (I still love blogs for sharing information), and in person meetings I had for work. All in all an interesting week. I expect this one to be even more interesting as I travel to the NH School Board Association conference tomorrow. Here now some links to share.

Are you students interested  in jobs? Interesting tidbit forwarded by @CSEdWeek Report: STEM jobs demand strong. Forecasting 51 percent of STEM occupations will be in computing by 2018. IF so many of the STEM jobs will be in computing, and I believe they will be, how can we get schools to teach more of it?

The Teacher Tech blog has a new series called TeachTecTip:

Students with big app ideas: we are looking for you! Read about a new incentive program for students (18+ sorry)  to design Windows Phone apps

We know students have big ideas and that contests can give them an extra push to take action: Gary, Achia, E-dan, Maayan, and Fahim were all inspired, in part, by past contests that we’ve run for students. This week, we kicked off something we’re calling “Idea of the Week.” We will select one winner each week and give them a $50 USD gift certificate for (or one of its local sites like

Project-based Learning that’s Preparing Students for the Future Read about Lou Zulli Jr., who is the IT Instructor and Network Administrator at the Center for Advanced Technologies at Lakewood High School in Saint Petersburg, FL and how his students are helping their school while learning valuable skills and knowledge.

Erin 'Ed' Donahue (@creepyed) writes about her visit to the Tennessee Women in Computing (TNWiC),

Vicki Davis at the Cool Cat Teacher Blog writes about the 10 Ways to be a Terrible Teacher Interesting look at the dos and don’t of teaching today.

Deborah Seehorn writes about some computer science curriculum work and improvements in Motivating students and teachers while raising the bar on the CSTA blog

Watch Tara Walker @taraw interview Chevon Christie (@chevonchr), student Windows Phone developer and all around rock star!


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