Interesting Links 10 October 2011

Last week the computing industry lost one of its great innovators in Steve Jobs. It’s a great loss especially for his wife, children and friends. We don’t know who will be the next big innovator of course but we can try to encourage talented people to enter the field and change the world in their own ways. That is an important part of the motivation behind Microsoft’s donation of 2,400 Kinect Sensor devices to FIRST Robotics last week. (Be The Robot) I also spoke to about 600 students in Atlanta last week, more on that tomorrow, about computer science careers especially as related to game design and development – the event was a gaming conference. I also collected a few links I’d like to share with you.

Speaking of game development, have you checked out the new Microsoft Curriculum on Game Development using XNA

Doug Bergman writes about his experience with the World Series of Innovation on his blog at Innovation, NFTE, and Microsoft.

The CSTA Blog had a couple of interesting posts:

A number of highly motivated Microsoft employees have been working at creating the Technology Education and Literacy in Schools Program (TEALS)  You can read about it in this piece on the Huffington Post

For some reason  this three year old post on a binary number game saw a big spike in traffic last week. Are you teaching Binary numbers? I have a bunch of posts on Binary numbers linked using the Binary tag you may want to check out.

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