Interesting Links 3 October 2011

What a week. Not as much blogging from me because things were a little crazy. I try not to post just for the sake of posting so without the time to do it right I went a couple of days without posting at all. I have some things in the pipeline for this week that I hope you will find interesting and useful though. Of course even though I was busy doing other things doesn’t mean the flow of other interesting things coming through my email inbox and twitter feed slowed down. So I have some links to things from people more interesting than myself. Hope you find some of these useful. Oh but first a joke. A geeky joke of course. Found on Facebook

What part of 1 + 1 = 10 don't you understand?

Last week was NBC’s Education Nation series of events. Several people I know where there and have blogged about the experience. Lee Kolbert had her post on her blog and on the Huffington Post. Cameron Evans had two posts on his blog:

One Education Nation had a panel that included Pat Yongpradit @MrYongpradit on it. In fact Pat was asked the very first question. You can watch the Pat Yongpradit on MSNBC video Great that they included a classroom teacher in the discussion.

image The Microsoft Unlimited Potential blog ran a series in September called the Heroes of STEMtember to highlight Science, Engineering, Technology and Math teachers who are doing great things. I’d like to highlight a couple of those posts myself.

Supporting America's Teachers is a post from last week’s Microsoft in Education blog. Worth a read.

The September Tech Student of the Month - Ramsey Khadder is a high school student. Ramsey is doing some very interesting things in and out of class – including entering the Imagine Cup and competing with university students.

Randy Guthrie had a great post last week called Imagine a World Where You Win a Free Trip to Australia with some great advice for students thinking about entering this year’s Imagine Cup.

I posted a whole list of Windows Phone training events on the east coast a bit ago. If you are in the Chicago area, you can learn to develop for (the new) Windows Phone 7.5 at a free Chicago training. On 10/11 5:30 - 7:30 PM

Ever thought of telling stories with Kodu - now you can – The latest version includes tools for creating conversations. Speaking of Kodu George Palaigeorgiou (gpalegeo1) and his students have developed  an open book about Microsoft Kodu in Greek at

Helping teens (and adults) become better online citizens

Chris Bowen @ChrisBowen Tells me that New England Code Camp 16 (10/29, Waltham, MA) registration is now open. Code Camps are an interesting form on unconference and you can learn all sorts of interesting things at them. And meet interesting people as well.


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