Interesting Links 29 August 2011

Hurricane Irene was the big news on the east coast of the US and parts of the Caribbean last week. Oh and there was a surprising east coast earthquake last week as well. Quite some week. But I still managed to collect some links to share. If you were in the storm area I hope you weathered the storm.


The new  Microsoft in Education blog aggregates blog posts from a number of the education related blogs by Microsoft people and teams. This blog is one of them but there are many more. From this blog I found a link to a post on the Office in Education blog called A teacher’s thoughts on Windows SkyDrive (video)  If you don’t use SkyDrive for cloud storage and sharing with others check out that video.

The latest in a series of videos by the people at Channel 9 focusing on tours of the Microsoft campus show how the Building 4 remodel made room for The Garage. Don’t miss the special Coca Cola machine they have there. Pretty much every flavor Coca Cola has in one machine.

For some kids, back to school means back to cyberbullying. Microsoft is helping to Stop Cyberbullying – Read more about it on the official Microsoft blog.

I found this post at the Communications of the ACM blog pretty interesting - Password Policies are Getting Out of Control  There are lots of discussion points there especially around the trade offs between ease of use and security.

Ed Donahue collected a bunch of links to Windows Phone 7 icons libraries. If you are developing for Windows Phone 7 you may find these links particularly useful

Check this video out -- Microsoft U.S. Education CTO, Cameron Evans interviews Johnny Kissko,  Johnny is doing some interesting things with Kinect in the classroom. Speaking of Johnny be sure to check out his Kinect in Education website.


Start with this blog post titled  Kinect in Education: How to Create Content-Relevant Games

Last but not least, from @SpringboardBlog a blog post by one of our summer high school interns - Windows Phone Student App of the Week: Free Dictionary


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  1. Garth says:

    I am headed in the Skydrive direction also.  The video was a good ad but there was no meat in it.  I need "The Idiots Guide to Skydrive for Teachers".  Getting class lists into Skydrive so only those kids can access the folder is the present issue.  

    My school is on a 21 Century education modernization right now.  Using the features of the cloud seems to be the easiest thing we can that fits our budget of $0.  For a generation that is supposedly "digital" the kids are pretty poor in "digital" knowledge.  If it does not involve a phone or social media it is unknown.  To my knowledge none of the kids here use either Skydrive (or the like) or Google Docs.  They insist on trusting their files to usb drives that I find left in computers every day.  Of course the drives are un-labeled and un-named.  It kind of fun to see a panicked student running from room to room looking for a lost thumb drive containing their paper that is due that day.  (Sadistic chuckle here.)

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