Interesting Links 25 July 2011

I was on vacation last week. I had no Internet or cell phone access for a week. It was wonderful as I really needed the break. Don’t we all need a break now and again? Yes there were posts all week I wrote them in advance so people who were bored would have something to read. This week I will be headed out to Redmond (yes, the travel continues for a bit longer) where I will be part of the 2011 U.S. Partners in Learning Innovative Education Forum (IEF). I am excited about this for a number of reasons. One is to meet all of the wonderful and innovative teachers who are coming from around the US. Only a very few of them have I met in person already. Also in attendance as judges will be my friends Vicki Davis, Pat Yongpradit, and Steve Dembo. Vicki Davis is the award winning teacher behind the Flat Classroom Projects, the Cool Cat Teacher blog and more. Pat is an outstanding computer science teacher who won the world wide Innovative Educator award last year. Steve writes the great Teach 42 blog and works for Discovery Education. But mostly they are really great people who care about education. In the mean time my co-workers at the partners in learning group have been blogging in advance of this event. A couple of recent posts are listed below and they will be blogging the event at the Teacher Tech blog.


Well in spite of being on vacation last week I do have a few more links to share. So here they are:

Mark (@guzdial) Guzdial writes about “Why does CS count towards high school graduation in Georgia?” An interesting story about graduation requirements, college admissions requirements, some politics and some good solid activism.

Computational Tales CS concepts written as fairy tales.

I highly recommend Doug (@dougpete ) Peterson’s CS & IT wrap up post.

Interesting post by Lee Stott Have you seen .NET Gadgeteer really cool fun for making serious gadgets.  I’ve seen Gadgeteer and it really does look like it has huge potential in education.

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