Small Basic 1.0 is here!

Have you been working with Small Basic? If so you probably know that it has officially been pre-release software. Well not it is released software and you can now download Small Basic 1.0.. With the addition of Icelandic (Yes Icelandic) it is now available in 20 different languages. Not only that but a lot of the courseware has been translated as well. The screen shots, for the time being, are still in English but the PowerPoint decks are now available in 18 different languages. There is more information at the Small Basic blog at Small Basic 1.0 is here! 

But wait, there is more!

TeachingKidsProgramming provides free courseware to introduce kids (ages 10+) to programming. New in this compatible release of the Small Basic Fun extensions ( is a recipe '(m)adLibs' which you can use to introduce the MVC pattern to your kids. It includes several new objects, such as a Viewer and a Parser to support teaching of this pattern.

  • New Small Basic website on MSDN – A lot of work has gone into re-creating the Small Basic website. We hope you will find it useful. In addition to a new look and cleaner design, we have also partnered with Computer Science for Kids to publish sample chapters from several of their Small Basic E-books on our site. We hope you will find these high-quality guides useful for learning and having fun with Small Basic.
  • Translated Curriculum – We’ve been receiving requests from abroad for translated versions of our teaching curriculum. So over the last several months we have put a lot of effort into making this curriculum available in more languages. This is a work in progress as some languages still have English screenshots, but we do now have all languages translated. You can find the curriculum here.

Learn more about Small Basic and find detailed samples by reading sample chapters from one of three e-books that we are providing to you at no cost. If you like using the e-book format, we have links on each page to where you can purchase the complete e-book. Visit. Computer Science For Kids Sample Chapters on MSDN for more information.

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