Interesting Links Post 28 June 2010

This post is late this week. Why? Totally wrapped up in ISTE. OK I did spend some of Sunday visiting the Mummies of the World exhibit at the Franklin institute and then a trip to Betsy Ross’ House. Hey if you are in Philadelphia you might as well take advantage of it. Since then I have been meeting with friends at the SIGCT open house, a couple of dinner meetings, booth duty in the mornings, and sessions in the afternoon. I’m actually writing this post from a session that is not as interesting as it could or should be. I’m too too tired to move though. I will go find food once this is done.

The Microsoft student team announced the: June Microsoft Tech Student of the Month – Andrew Zurek

During the week I found this web site by a high school computer teacher called F# in High School Computer Science  this bears more looking into. BTW  I am always on the look out for more computer science teachers who blog or Tweet on Twitter so if you know of any please leave their links in the comments. I am on Twitter @AlfredTwo and I hope you will follow me if you are a Twitter user.

The Microsoft Tech Student Twitter account (@MSTechStudent) asks “Wondering what past Imagine Cup participants are doing now? Find their stories here

Need an excuse to try Azure? Announcing the Rock Paper Azure Challenge Grand Tournament, winner takes home $5,000!

Nice post by Hélène Martin (@purplespatula) on the 2011 Computer Science AP Reading If you have ever wondered what it would be like to grade the Advanced Placement Computer Science exam this is a must read.

Patrick Godwin (@ximplosionx) who is a Microsoft Student Insider has been trying out the new Kinect SDK. His first post on the results are at Intro to the Kinect SDK–Drawing Joints in XNA. He has a video of his Kinect code it in action:

Well, that’s it for now. I have been tweeting links already this week and so I should have a good list next week.

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