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Michael Scherotter who works for Microsoft decided to run a computer programming day camp in his home for his 9 year old son and 9 of his friends. Taking  on teaching programming to 10-year olds may not be for everyone but from the sound of Michael’s blog posts it sure sounds not only possible but quite a bit of fun. From his first post:

My son Alex, age 9, wants to learn about computer programming so I decided to try something fun – to teach it to him. In my day job, I explain and demonstrate Microsoft’s software development technologies and I’ve been programming since I was about ten so I think I know what to do. I wanted to do something really fun for Alex, and kind of adventurous, so I invited 9 of his friends to join him and next week I will be teaching a group of 8 boys and 2 girls programming in my home on my dining room table. Each camper will be bringing their family computer and I’ll be teaching Kodu and Small Basic.

Kids at this age are wide open to new ideas. They are also starting to make important decisions about what they like and do not like. Exposing them to concepts like programming and computer science and letting them experience success has tremendous potential for life changing opportunities. Is this something you could do or encourage in an after school program? Something to think about.

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  1. Rich Thompson says:

    Anything like that for kindergarten? No joke, seriously!

  2. Nothing quite like it for Kindergarten. Target age for Kodu is 8 although some younger kids do enjoy it.

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