Is Internet Education the Answer

A friend sent me a link to this inforgraphic  about Internet education. I have mixed feelings about all this. I am ok with distance learning – where the lecture is live and interactive just remote. I’ve done some of that and it seems to work fine. I’m not sure about just posting a bunch of videos on the Internet (the Khan Academy model) It seems that learning that way, just like sitting someone in a library with a bunch of books, takes some self motivation and a real desire to take advantage of the lessons. And a good lecture is still just a good lecture. I ran into this post last week (Multiplication smackdown: Sal Khan vs Vi Hart—who’s got the ‘insight’?) that really suggests that technology permits some “lectures” that are a lot more than just a recorded lecture. Recording a white board talk is not in and of itself innovative or great use of technology in education. Short opinion, Internet education can be a great step forward but I am unconvinced we are using the tools to their fullest yet. Still the infographic makes interesting reading. What do you think?

How the Internet is Revolutionizing Education

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  1. Hi Alfred,

    How much of your knowledge is learned from lecture?

    I think lecture is overemphasized in most cases.


  2. Garth says:

    I took a look at the Khan Academy stuff just out of curiosity.  Lectures on line.  How innovative.  The idea is to flip the classroom.  Students would watch the lecture at home, ask questions and do the homework at school.  I have trouble getting kids to do 15 minutes of homework at home.  Would they watch a 30 minute lecture?  I think not.  A lecture is still a lecture.  I do lecture in my math classes.  After all, it is the best way to get a large amount of information to a large group quickly.  But I add a little spice.  I ask the students questions, I get arguments going, I point out the information in the book, I tell bad jokes and I try to make the topic interesting.    A good lecture interacts with the audience and addresses their needs.  A bad lecture addresses only the needs of the subject.

    Internet learning has a major issue when the student is living in his car at a rest stop, or is living in a shelter, or is living in a motel.  I have had all three in one math class in one year.  Every student does not live in a Brady Bunch world.  Many do not have a good domestic study environment that the internet study scheme would require.

    Internet education has a place but it is definitely not a solution to everything or even applicable in most cases.

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