Interesting Links Post–6 July 2011

Last week I celebrated eight years at Microsoft. I still miss the students which makes the guest talks I do in schools particularly valuable to me. Interestingly enough I was visiting a Microsoft office on the day of my anniversary and they had ice cream sundaes. Pure coincidence but a good sign I think. Speaking of fun at Microsoft though that leads into my first link.

Jennifer Marsman, one of our great Developer Evangelists in the mid-west, was recently interviewed by students at Murray State University. She talks about her trip to the campus, why she loves her job at Microsoft, and her top interview tips.  Check it out. It will give you an idea of what sort of job some of Microsoft’s field people are up to as well.

And in other career news, I found this interesting  article via Twitter this week. Computer science grads fielding 'multiple job offers' Apparently new college graduates with backgrounds in Computer Science are having a lot easier time than the average college graduate finding their first jobs. Good news for students who picked CS for a major. Not that a job and money is the best let along the only reason to pick a degree but it sure doesn’t hurt.

For something quite different, but especially interesting to you who also teach (or other wise enjoy) math, are Doodling in Math class by Vi Hart I love the binary tree doodle.

From the UK @innovativeteach has a great write up on Kodu - Free Stuff From Microsoft #5 – Kodu

From the Partners in Learning team at Microsoft a suggestion that you subscribe to the Microsoft Partners in Learning YouTube Channel for the latest on how technology is changing education.

From Gail Carmichael (@gailcarmichael) a good post for teachers or all subjects to read - Why Computer Science is Relevant No Matter What You're Teaching

Andrew Parsons has been working hard to highlight the top teams in this year’s worldwide Imagine Cup. He has a series of blog posts which I highly recommend.

The first one is a set of three articles highlighting the finalists for the three tracks of Game Design. These are the fifteen teams from all over the world heading to New York City in July to compete head to head. Definitely worth checking these out:

Meet the finalists – XNA –
Meet the finalists – Mobile –
Meet the finalists – Web –

The second set is a series of ten articles that showcases all competitor entries from the final online round of Game Design. There are more than 100 games shown in this series from dozens of countries and it’s a great resource to show off the variety of game genres, styles, and themes.

Part 1 - (_dreamBender – BJTU_YF703)
Part 2 - (Bliizz – CodeOne)
Part 3 - (CrashGames – EnvoSeven1)
Part 4 - (exporithm – Geekologic)
Part 5 - (GimmeGimmes – INFOSTROY)
Part 6 - (Ingesub Game Lab Team Rocket – Luskanya)
Part 7 - (Milworms – Pyro)
Part 8 - (Quegee Team – SDEG)
Part 9 - (Signum Fidei – Team Nucleus)
Part 10 - (Team Rubic – WickedTeam)

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