Student Insiders and Imagine Cup Game Teams

I thought I might highlight a few student related things going on at Microsoft these days.  I’ll start with the Microsoft Student Insider program.


Microsoft Student Insider Program Details

Microsoft Student Insiders are exceptional technical community leaders who are awarded for voluntarily sharing their expertise in technical communities. Insiders are a highly select group and represent the best and brightest technical students with excellent communication skills. They share a commitment to community and a willingness to help others.

Microsoft Student Insiders are early adopters of new technology and actively communicate their experiences to countless technology users. Through their extensive community activity and deep technical experience, Student Insiders help others solve problems and discover new capabilities, helping people get the maximum value from their technology. Student Insiders engages students for their passion and involvement for a specific technology area and provides training for students to gain skills and experience to grow their impact.

Microsoft Student Insiders launched in 2009 with an elite group of students representing technical topics including Expression Studio, Azure, IT, Imagine Cup Programming, Visual Studio, and Windows. The program is currently in a Beta and is available only in the US. We invite any feedback or questions by email.

If you are a student with a blog, social media, or online venue discussing technical topics and are interested in becoming a Microsoft Student Insider. Let us know by sending in your resume.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with an knowing most of these student insiders. They are share students who bring an interesting and educational perspective to technology. They get to attend a number of Microsoft technical events and report back to other students and to the wider development ecosystem. Visit the Student Insiders home page to meet our current insiders and also learn about other programs including Student Partners, Microsoft Students to Business (S2B), Imagine Cup and DreamSpark.

Which brings me to Imagine Cup. Andrew Parsons is doing more highlighting on teams in the Worldwide Imagine Cup Finals in the game divisions on his blog.

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