Interesting Links–April 12 2011

I’m a day late this week. Yesterday was the end of the US Imagine Cup finals and I really wanted to post about that. It was a wonderful weekend and an encouraging weekend as a bunch of outstanding students showed off some really great projects. And I got to spend time with the rest of the academic team as we are normally spread all over the country for most of the year. Today I am travelling back to New Hampshire. Hopefully the sun will be out. I missed it while I was in the Seattle area. So here now some links I hope you will find interesting.


touchstudio_sc_1 Yet another reason to get a Windows Phone 7 – Project TouchStudio. This is a research project from Microsoft Research. The idea is to create a programming environment and tool for programming in a scripting fashion on the phone to create phone applications.

Clint Rutkas (@ClintRutkas ) has a nice video showing commuting and transportation options to/at the Microsoft HQ. It’s interesting how they are using green options, car pools and buses to both make commuting easier for employees and better for the environment.

The Computer Science Teachers Association has released a new review draft of the CSTA K-12 Computer Science Learning Standards: Revised 2011. If you are interested in education standards fro CS this is well worth your time to check out.

Interested in Windows Phone programming or game programming or especially the two combined? Then you want to watch this video on XNA Game Development on Windows Phone in One Sitting. Speaking of game development, there is a New game development tutorial is now available on Apphub for developers at every level!

From Microsoft Research, a link that talks about how MSR’s WorldWide Telescope Revolutionizes Astronomy 101

Lynn Langet (@llangit) wrote a post for people who run or attend a CodeCamps.  - (how to) teaching kids programming at CodeCamp

People interested in Kodu, and perhaps entering the Kodu Cup, check out this SlideShare document : Kodu class

Chasing inspiration: from Imagine Cup to Microsoft - Ed Donahue (@creepyed) and Ashley Myers (@OrganizeFISH) on the Microsoft JobsBlog! Nice story about how these two wonderful young women competed together in previous Imagine Cup events and both wound up working at Microsoft.

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