Interesting Links Post 21 March 2011

My travel is over for a couple of weeks. Well, about three weeks. Then I will be headed out to Seattle for the US Finals of the Imagine Cup. Look for news of the public’s chance to vote for their favorites later this week. We, the US, have some great looking teams this year and I am hopeful they will do well in the world wide part of the competition. And now some links.

Looks for some fun and educational contest sort of thing? Don’t miss a fun new software competition for younger students - Microsoft's Kodu Cup

Kathleen Weaver has a nice post on One Note use  Planning and Presenting (Both for Teachers and Students) on her blog. She explains some of the ways she uses Microsoft OneNote

The March Tech Student of the Month is Kenneth Harding (@kanno41)  from Ohio State University. He is one of those people whose parent started them coding and who have never stopped learning and growing. Take a look at all he has been up to.

Go behind the scenes at Xbox with this talk with Larry Hyrb better known as @Majornelson

Charlie Kindel ( @ckindel) from the Windows Phone team has a great Behind the Code interview. This is an interesting series of interviews with technical people at Microsoft who discuss their careers, the industry and their latest projects.

My good friend Doug Peterson ( @dougpete) and I made a list of 300 educators on Twitter. If you are looking for educators to follow this is a nice place to start.

Sam Stokes (@SocalSam) posted about how to use - XNA and Bing Map Geocoding

Lyn Langit (@llangit) has been busy with resources for Small Basic lately. Last week she posted about some videos she has created at  Teaching Kids Programming–Video Training for Teachers

College Students Aim to Build a Better Way to Manage Courses – What I love about this story is that students didn’t complain but rather said “we can do better: and then set out to prove it. This article highlights some resources available to software startups and so if you know a budding small business person point them this way.

Cool! Windows Phone 7 app for NYC subways A must have for NYC subway riders. This is another story of a students seeing a need and developing software to solve the problem. I am thinking I may want to buy this app before my next visit to New York.

Take a look at this video by Dan Kasun (@DanKasun) talking about making government information more valuable. Moving more government information to the cloud where more people can get at it in more ways is a great step towards making government more effective and responsive.

lastly for this week, take a look at this Webcast Series for K-12 educators and teacher recognition program from Microsoft’s Partners in Learning program.


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