Python Tools for Visual Studio


Microsoft has just released the Python Tools for Visual Studio add-in (Beta) .  This add-in lets programmers write Python code with Ironpython, CPython, debug & profile it, and also supports High Performance Computing (Windows HPC). IF you are already using Visual Studio and are interested in trying out Python in your classes this is well worth looking into.

  • Python is a cross platform language
  • Python is becoming extremely popular (#4 according to the funky Tobe index)
  • Python is being used as an intro to CS language all the way to writing PhD theses
  • The IronPython version ties nicely into .Net (along w the just released NumPy/SciPy libraries for .Net)
  • The HPC support - and soon Azure and Dryad - tie nicely into cloud computing
  • It’s free
  • It’s open source (apache 2.0)

You can get it at

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