Interesting Links 21 February 2011

I spent several days in New York City as part of the program committee for CSTA’s Computer Science and Information Technology conference. This year all of the presentations were selected from proposals submitted for review. We’ll also have a day of workshops which were also reviewed. A third day will let participants take part in the final day of the World-wide Imagine Cup which should be pretty exciting as well. The workshops and sessions we had to choose from were outstanding and it was hard to select just the ones we had room for. Needless to say this is going to be a great conference. Some of the committee (including me) toured the conference venue – Faculty House on the campus of Columbia University. Really nice. Can we get people back from the terrace and it’s city views after lunch? Only because the sessions will be worth it. The session schedule should be up soon. I’ll have more to say once that list is up and public.

And now for this week’s links.

Speaking of the Imagine Cup – my friends at @MSTechStudent want to remind people that they can help decide which Imagine Cup Digital Media video will make it to the next round. Vote today! On and here is an interesting article about Harvard MBA Student (and friend of mine) Cy Khormaee and how he Looks to Change the World at Microsoft’s Imagine Cup Finals this year.

I also want to pass on a reminder about the Microsoft Innovative Education Forum. If you are or know a great teacher? Encourage them to apply!

The Code Project Some Windows Phone 7 stuff this week as well.Check out the Windows Phone 7 Jumpstart - free Training on making  Apps & Games. And the Code Project (@thecodeproject) takes a look at the new Windows Phone 7 controls by Coding4Fun in Having Fun with Coding4Fun’s Windows Phone 7 Controls

Have you seen Window Live Mesh – cloud storage for free? If not the Chief Information officer at Vanderbilt University demos Live Mesh on this short YouTube video

Think everyone at Microsoft is a programmer or code monkey or other sort of geek? Not so. Read about Tools of the trade: Lindsey Kujawski, Microsoft fashionista

Edwin Guarin (@edvangelist   ran an event called the New England College Hackathon – quite an interesting event and you can read about it on his blog. (here here and here)

Do you know about the time in our history when math, computing and yes programming was "woman's work" – Check out

Microsoft_TeachTecFrom @TeachTec AKA  Microsoft_TeachTec - If you've got one minute, you've got time to learn about MouseMischief!

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