Interesting Links 17 January 2010

It’s Martin Luther King Jr Day. A regular work day for me but I know that a lot of schools have the day off. If you do I hope you are enjoying the three day weekend but also remembering the events that resulted in this day being a holiday across the country. Crazy week for me last week so only a few links. I hope you find at least one or two of them useful.

Erin “Ed” Donahue (aka @creepyed) suggests that you check out Gail Farnsley talking about student involvement in Technology Conferences on Ed & Ashley's 5 Minute Show

Speaking of Ed, she has a fairly new blog at I really like her animated telling of the Imagine Cup Software Design competition story.

Andrew Parsons (aka @MrAndyPuppy) who covers higher education in New York State for Microsoft’s academic team announced that registration is now open for two game and phone camps. New York City (Brooklyn) and upstate New York (Rochester)  Don't miss out

Leigh Ann wrote a blog post at  in response to the joint blog post my Mark Guzdial, Chris Stephenson and I (A Joint Call for Research on Why Computer Science Education is Important for K-12) and the call for more CSED research about K12 importance at Expanding on the Call for Research Supporting CS Education. As with anything Leigh Ann writes it is worth the time to read.

The Anita Borg Institute (Twitter @anitaborg_org) announced their 2nd Annual Dare 2B Digital event for young women grades 7-10 Feb 12, 2011 Computer History Museum in Mountain View CA. If you are in the area and know some young women check it out.

TeachTec (on Twitter @TeachTec ) is back and with music now! –TeachTec is a joint effort between Rob Bayuk (a former teacher) and Tony Franklin (who was in residence at the School of the Future for a couple of years). Both of them are heavily involved in technology integration in education. And great guys as well.Their latest post is MLK Day of Service: How do we inspire service in our students? InterroBang?!

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