Interesting Links 20 December 2010

I’ve been on vacation since a week ago and gotten a lot done. My office is now neater and cleaner than it has been since my wife and I created it out of an unused bedroom. In between working on the office and trying to relax I have been unable to stay away from the computer or off the Internet though so I still have a bunch of links to share with you. I hope you find some useful.

Last week there were a number of posts recapping Computer Science Education week. One of the best is Computer Science Education Week Extends Its Reach on the Blogs at CACM (Twitter @blogCACM)

Game Design: the way you can go from gamer to developer and do something fun as well! This article is about the game division of the Imagine Cup competition for students. For more information about developing games using XNA there is a New and Updated Windows and Xbox 360 Developer Education resource set on App Hub! Includes new Space War starter!

Also Rob Miles (@robmiles) wrote a new blog post:- Free “Windows Phone Blue Book” Course. So if you are looking for resources to teach programming using Windows Phones as a platform you’ll want to check that out.

The Atlantic (@TheAtlanticTech) has an interesting article about the new exhibit at the Smithsonian Celebrating COBOL's 50th Anniversary. The Smithsonian’s new COBOL web site is here.

Did you see my post about  the CS&IT 2011 Call for Proposals – This is THE Computer Science Teacher training event of the year and it is a great place to share the ideas you have created and used with success with other teachers.

Interested in the Microsoft Technology Associate exams there are not some Free Microsoft Technology Associate Exams study guides available.

Lynn Langit wrote a post about how to Teach a Kid to Code a Holiday Card which uses Small Basic. May be a fun project for younger would be programmers.

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