Interesting Links 29 November 2010

I hope everyone (US anyway) had a great Thanksgiving last week. For me it was a good time with fun, food and family. We had a great time with my new Kinect sensor with Xbox 360. A great way to work off Thanksgiving dinner. With much of the week off (hooray for a 5 day weekend) I didn’t Tweet a whole lot. Even still I have a few good links to share. I hope you find something you can use here.

InterroBang_Logo_reasonably_small Have you seen INTERRoBang yet? “The socially-networked, mission-based, problem-solving game in partnership with the Smithsonian, Learn and Serve, sponsored by Microsoft” On the web at and you can follow them on Twitter at @playinterrobang

We are closing in on Computer Science Education week (Dec. 5-11th) and CSTA is out with a number of Audio and Video Announcements that you can use. The ones I looked at really looked great. Use them to help build interest in and knowledge of computer science.

A reminder that you can provide a huge amount of professional software for your high school students through the DreamSpark program. Gautam explains "How can High School Teachers provide students with DreamSpark Software" on his blog.

Hélène Martin had a pair of great posts last week.

Hélène is scary smart and her posts always make me think. I highly recommend her blog in general and these posts in particular.

Speaking of other blogs, there is a new list of Top 50 Computer Science Bloggers  I'm a sucker for lists that list my blog but this one has a lot of really good looking blogs listed. Some of what I knew about already but a good many that are new to me. You may find something useful there yourself. The same site has a post on Must-See TED Speeches for Computer Scientists that looks interesting.

Comments (3)

  1. Hélène Martin says:

    Would love to read your thoughts on assignments and projects!  I suspect your list of characteristics that make an project good would be quite different.

  2. AlfredTh says:

    I don't know that my idea of what a good project is is that much different than yours. I will try to write something up though.

  3. AlfredTh says:

    I wrote up some of my thoughts on what makes a good programming project at…/characteristics-of-a-good-programming-project.aspx

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