Interesting Links 15 November 2010

I got a new Xbox 360 with a Kinect device last week. I spent much of a day “testing” it out and some evenings playing it with my wife. Kinect Adventures can be a real workout. So can Dance Central. I wonder how long before we see Kinect devices in schools and senior centers and after school programs getting people up and moving. It was fun for sure. It’s really pretty amazing at how well it works. (I posted some links to how Kinect works last week BTW) Now that doesn’t mean I was goofing off all week. No sir. I have a good collection of links to share and some good posts coming up through this week as well. I may do a follow up on the idea of gaming in the classroom but for now, Garth explains the motivation behind his programming students creating games in class -my curriculum is going gaming He makes a lot of sense and I recommend the post.

Here now the list grouped by topic because there are so many of them.

Microsoft Office Resource Links

Windows Phone 7 Development Links

Imagine Cup Links

Kinect and Xbox Links

Especially for School IT and Tech Support People

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