EduBlogger Nominations 2010

I have this whole mixed emotion thing with the EduBlogger awards. On one hand I think that everyone who blogs in education is a positive force and basically a “winner.” They are contributing to idea sharing, resource sharing, and a whole world wide conversation about making education better for everyone. This is just an exciting thing to be a part of. Also if there are winners that also seems to imply losers which is not exactly an incentive. But then on the other hand there are people who are just doing such an outstanding job that it feels good that they get some recognition. Now in general the best blogs and best Twitter users have large audiences already. That gives them an edge in winning anything that involves a popular vote. But should they be penalized for that? Or is it better that the best get still larger audiences which will allow them to share even more ideas – including one hopes ideas from other people who don’t yet have a great audience? So with all that I have decided to nominate a few people this year.


My Nominations for The 2010 Edublog Awards are:

Best Individual blog - Dangerously Irrelevant This is a tough category to pick just one blog for. There are many outstanding blogs that I could nominate. But forced to pick just one, this blog by Scott McLeod is a great choice. Incredibly well-written, full of great insights and ideas this blog is a conversation starter. It is a blog that educators at all levels and in all roles can learn from. Scott is on Twitter @McLeod

Best school administrator blog - Principals Page The Blog This is not your average blog by a superintendent of schools. There is lots of humor here. Intermixed with fun links and discussions are some real insights into being a school administrator. I retweet links to this blog a lot and it is one of my first reads of the day. He’s also on Twitter @principalspage

Best resource sharing blog - Doug - off the record I hesitate to nominate Doug Peterson in this category because its one I might get nominated in. But it would be an honor to lose to him. He’s a great guy and shares many many great links and ideas. His eclectic mix of links which come out daily includes something for just about everyone in education. His point of view posts are full of wit and wisdom. If you are not following Doug you should be. And he’s on Twitter @DougPete.

Best Group BlogThe Educators’ Royal Treatment This group blog has an outstanding group of contributors from all areas of education. Managed by Ken Royal (Twitter @KenRoyal) there are posts on many education topics and they tend to be particularly well written.

Most influential tweet / series of tweets / tweet based discussion - #edchat So much more than a hashtag, this is a regular global education discussion on Twitter. It is a must follow and must participate in activity.

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  1. Scott McLeod says:

    Wow. Thanks so much for the kind words about my blog. I agree with you that almost everyone who's blogging about education is a positive force and a 'winner!'

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