Microsoft Technology Associate Certifications Revisited


Last July I wrote about the Microsoft Technology Associate program and I thought it was time to revisit that program. I have some additional information to post. Specifically I wanted to let you know about the Microsoft Technology Associate Campus License.

The MTA Campus License enables educators to easily proctor secure, industry relevant technology exams that cover the topics they are already teaching, with just a web browser. It is a practical and cost-effective solution that includes 1,000 MTA exams per year for your institution to deliver to students, faculty and staff. An MTA Campus license allows all departments and programs within your campus to be covered with a single license agreement. It includes the full portfolio of seven MTA exams complete with Certification Exam Review Kits to help educators quickly and easily integrate MTA into their existing curriculum. Your educators and administrators become registered exam proctors providing administrative flexibility for your IT program. The internet based testing (IBT) delivery platform makes it easier than ever to test and certify an entire classroom anywhere on campus, anytime it's convenient for them - with no classroom or desktop restrictions. All they need is an internet connected computer.

And there is a special deal going on now:

For a limited time: Institutions can get started with MTA through a FREE 45-Day Trial MTA Campus License—good for up to 50 exams. You receive the entire suite of seven MTA exams including evaluation copies of MTA Certification Exam Review Kits sample supplemental courseware. With the FREE 45-day Trial MTA Campus License, integrating an industry recognized certification into learning curriculums and preparing students for a career in technology has never been easier!

Also check out the “Are you Certifiable?” Game. It is a fun way to see how much you know and judge if you may be ready to take a certification exam.


The following is a partial “reprint” on my earlier post with more information about this great program.

The program is called the Microsoft Technology Associate program. There are seven exams in two categories – Developer and Information Technology.

Developer Exams

  • Software Development Fundamentals
  • Web Development Fundamentals
  • Windows Development Fundamentals
  • Database Fundamentals

IT Professional Exams

  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Security Fundamentals
  • Windows Server Administration Fundamentals

More information from the Microsoft Technology Associate FAQ

Q. What is the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification?

A. The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification is a new, entry-level certification designed to help individuals take the first step toward a career as an IT professional or developer.

An MTA certification is based on 80 percent knowledge and 20 percent skills. The next step in the Microsoft certification path is Microsoft Technology Specialist (MCTS), which requires hands-on experience with the Microsoft technology platform.

Students can download and install a complete developer tool set at no cost through the DreamSpark Program.

Additional information:

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