Three New Chances to Get Involved in the Imagine Cup

I talked about these new Imagine Cup events briefly on my links post on Monday but I wanted to pull them out and highlight them on their own today. The following is from the latest Imagine Cup Insider email that goes to people signed up to compete. There are many ways to compete in the Imagine Cup. These are great opportunities for students to really show what they know and what they can do.


Not an Imagine Cup competitor yet? Take a look at these 3 new chances to learn new skills, meet new friends and quite possibly change the world. Plus you can win cash, prizes or a trip to the Worldwide Finals in New York!

We have added 1 more exciting competition to the line-up – Windows Phone 7.
It’s all about originality, appeal and being unique. Be one of the first developers – ever – to build a XAP Application for the revolutionary Windows Phone 7 platform. Create an XAP Application the world cannot wait to get their hands on. Your Team’s XAP Application needs to scream originality, have major consumer XAP appeal and integrate unique mobile-oriented features. So… what are you waiting for? Develop a Windows Phone 7 application that people will love having on their phone today!
For the complete rules and regulations visit the Windows Phone 7 competition and while you’re at it sign up and start competing today!
Already signed up for a competition but you still want to do more to help solve the worlds’ toughest problems? Sign up to compete in a Challenge. Challenges are cool because they offer two different ways to compete - either incorporate the Challenge requirements into your current Imagine Cup project or build the Challenge solution from scratch.

Interoperability Challenge - Think outside-of-the box.
Are you ready to take on this Challenge? It’s about building technical bridges and blending out-of-the-box Microsoft technologies with other technologies to create applications that connect people, data and diverse systems in new ways. Use it all, including free and open source software. Bring it all together in one groundbreaking application.
Don’t be the last one of your friends to sign up for this Challenge! For the complete rules and regulations visit the Interoperability Challenge.

Orchard Challenge - Grow your developer skills.
Change the world, one website at a time. Innovate and be the first to define an indispensible module that everyone needs! Orchard is an up-and-coming open source CMS platform based on ASP.NET MVC that is designed from the ground up to support modular extensibility.
A module can add new features to an Orchard-based website – for example, a shopping cart and checkout system, a media gallery, maps/geolocation, or social interactivity. Orchard users will be able to easily discover and download your extension in the online gallery and incorporate it into their own sites. Not only will you be the first to use this new CMS platform, you might just see your module used on websites around the world!
Pick your smartest friends and start competing today. For the complete rules and regulations visit the Orchard Challenge.

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