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The big thing going on last week was the Microsoft WorldWide Innovative Educators forum in South Africa. I didn’t get to go but a number of people I know did get to go. Vicki Davis (@CoolCatTeacher on Twitter) was there and live tweeting and blogging. Pat Yongpradit, a great young computer science teacher, was there as well. More on that in a moment but first there is some Imagine Cup news that I want to make sure you see.

First off the latest test for the Imagine Cup 2011 IT Challenge – an online competition for students is tonight -

Register at for the IT Challenge to take the 60 minute online quiz at your convenience during the 24-hour open period per the following schedule

Round 1 Quiz Dates





November 1, 2010

Nov 1, 8pm to

Nov 2, 8pm

Nov 1, 7pm to

Nov 2, 7pm

Nov 1, 6pm to

Nov 2, 6pm

Nov 1, 5pm to

Nov 2, 5pm

Also there are a new Core Competition and two new Challenges to announce:

Windows Phone 7 Competition – Students will have the chance to be one of the first developers to be building XAP Applications for Windows Phone 7. Students are challenged to create an XAP Application that not only will help solve the world’s toughest problems, but people will love having on their Windows Phone.
Interoperability Challenge – Students will use their skills to build technical bridges, blend technologies, and connect people, data and diverse systems in new ways. Using out-of-the-box Microsoft technologies and technology from different vendors, including free and open source software, students are challenged to bring it all together in one groundbreaking application.
Orchard Challenge – Changing the world - one website at a time. Students will be one of the first to use a new CMS platform to create an indispensible module that everyone needs, such as a shopping cart and checkout system, video gallery, maps and geolocation services, or social interactivity.

If you are interested in the Windows Phone 7 Challenge or just Windows Phone 7 Development download your free eBook copy of "Programming Windows Phone 7" and get started now.

Now for a collection of links about the Microsoft Worldwide Innovative Educators Forum:

Are you a Mac person? You do know that Microsoft sells a lot of software for the Mac right? And just for you Mac people, Microsoft Office for Mac available now, including a new Academic version! Learn more here. Including special academic pricing!

Found via the CACM blog and their Twitter account (@blogCACM) Wall St Journal, engineering and computer science pay more than liberal arts. Is anyone really surprised? You may have students who are though.

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  1. Garth says:

    I would like to teach the kids how to write a simple app for the Win Phone 7.  There is a free on-line book by Petzold but there is one minor detail that stops me from using it.  His “My Assumptions About You” paragraph states a working familiarity with the C# language is assumed.  Houston, we have a problem.  Is there an “Idiots Guide to Writing Windows Phone 7 Apps For Those Who Do Not Know A Whole Lot Of C# But Are Willing To Learn”?  It would be nice to have something like Rob Miles Yellow Book but wrapped around the Phone 7 app goal.  Right now I am preparing a course on writing iPod apps for next semester because I can find lots of books that are almost simple enough for me to understand.  The fact I only have two Macs to use sort of puts a crimp in the class size.  Xcode also looks very challenging for the old and sedentary teacher.  If I can find an idiots level text I would gladly postpone the iPod until next year.  Not have a Phone 7 is a minor glitch but not a game killer.

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