Kodu Kamp for Educators

OK so you know I am a big fan of Kodu. Perhaps you read about the Kodu workshop I did for students last weekend. Perhaps you just heard about Kodu from some random place. But where ever you heard about it you asked yourself “How can I as a teacher learn about Kodu?” Well if you are in the Boston/Cambridge MA area you are in luck. Yes, Kodu Kamp for Educators is coming!

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Kodu Kamp for Educators

Are you interested in having your students learn problem solving, logic, and storytelling skills along with the basics of computer programming that are essential in today’s world?

Educators and students can attend a FREE Kodu Kamp at the Microsoft New England R&D Center. Teachers can learn to use Kodu in the classroom and kids can practice important skills while building their own Kodu video game!

What is Kodu?

Kodu Game Lab is a free, simple to use visual programming language from Microsoft designed to teach children how to make video games while practicing important skills. It introduces the logic and problem solving of programming without the complexity. Kodu builds real world skills while having fun by enabling students to build video games that require them to analyze problems, structure their logic and tell their story.

This Kodu Kamp is open to Boston area educators. We will offer a Kodu Kamp for grades 4-6 students November 18, 2010.

Lunch will be provided.

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