Dr. James Parrish–Interesting New Blog and Imagine Cup Advice

Dr. James Parrish is on the faculty at the University of Arkansas Little Rock and has recently started a blog. (James Parrish blog) It looks like he will be blogging abut a lot of topics including Cloud Computing. What caught my attention today (I just found out about his blog) was that he has already written about his and his students involvement with the Imagine Cup. The Imagine Cup is one of the if not the premier international technology (computer science, software development, game development, IT) competition in the world. Dr. Parrish and his students have been participating and doing quite well for several years now. His posts talk about the experience as well as two posts on how to be successful in the Imagine Cup. I recommend them.

Oh and don’t forget that I had a guest post by Pat Yongpradit who mentored a high school team that made it to the US Imagine Cup finals in the game development section not long ago. See Advice For An Imagine Cup Team for that post and advice. The Imagine Cup is a great opportunity for students of all ages in my opinion. For high school students it includes a great opportunity for something for that college application that shows passion and drive beyond just what goes on in class. Universities, like companies later on in life, are looking for passion and a willingness to do more than just the minimum requirements. The Imagine Cup is one opportunity to show that drive and determination.

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