Getting Started with Windows Phone 7 Game Development

Announcing the first part of a series of educational resources for learning to create games for Windows Phone 7.


Get introduced to Windows Phone 7, and phone game development with XNA Game Studio.

This set of educational content is for all skill levels and phases of development, with a focus on introducing basic game techniques – such as input, graphics, and sound – to developers interested in making games on Windows Phone 7 using XNA Game Studio 4.0.

What’s there? Sample code, lab exercises, articles and more. This is just the start. The Windows Phone 7 Game education roadmap lays out what you can expect over the next several months.

One lab is the Catapult Wars Lab What’s in it?

Sample Overview
This lab is a full 2D gesture-based catapult battle game. Launch rocks to crush your opponent, but beware the changing wind! Two learning modules help you build the gameplay from scratch, then polish with animation, sounds, and menu screens, all in 90 minutes. Based on the Windows Phone Game State Management Sample.


  • Source code, in steps, compatible with XNA GS 4.0 Beta
  • Graphical, sound, and music assets
  • Detailed walkthrough in DOC format


  • 2D Background and Color-Keyed Sprite Graphics
  • XML-Based Sprite Strip Animation System
  • Tap and Drag Gestures Support
  • SpriteFont Text Drawing
  • Bounding-Box Collision
  • Simple Fire-and-Forget Sounds
  • Music Loading and Playing
  • Menu Screen Interactions
  • AI State Management

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