Windows Phone 7 Sample applications

Windows Phone 7 Program Manager, Sean Mckenna, visited the Channel 9 studio to demo of some Windows Phone 7 applications. The idea is that these are some core applications, for which the source code will be made available at the Windows Phone Developer site, that developers can integrate into their more complex and intricate original applications. Check out what he's offering and get to developing!

What does he demo?

  1. Level sample with accelerometer
  2. Theme settings and usage within apps
  3. Machine Translation along with text to voice
  4. Shopping list
  5. Weather via msn for data
  6. Stocks with News from Bing including Browser Launcher functionality
  7. Silverlight 2D game (not finished yet) but uses accelerometer

While we’re at it, here are some links to some Windows Phone Getting Started Videos

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