Interesting Links August 3 2010

You may have noticed that I wasn’t blogging much last week. Or maybe you didn’t notice but allow me my allusions. I had a good reason though. My son was married this past weekend and that kept me a bit preoccupied. I hope to keep up better this week and then go on vacation. Smile Today I finally had a chance to sift through last weeks Twitter traffic and other links I found. So here now, a day late, are my interesting links from last week.

From the TCEA twitter account (@tcea) Common Craft has another great video tutorial out, this time on passwords, called "Secure Passwords in Plain English." This may be a good video to show your students to help them understand how to create good passwords.

There is a new edition of Rob Miles (@robmiles) C# Yellow book text available. If you are looking for a good C# text book and FREE fits in your budget take a look at this one.

Speaking of free ebooks – know students or recent graduates looking for career ideas? Check out Own Your Future: Update Your Skills with Resources and Career Ideas from Microsoft Free eBook.

I love the attitude of this Computer Science 4 Fun / Women web site – “Too important to be left to men” Too true isn’t it? And of course I’m all about the fun in computer science.

Charlie Kindel (@ckindel) shared information about a new set of Windows Phone 7 Design Resources – UI Guide and Design Templates If you are looking to teach Windows Phone 7 development or even “just” user interface design these resources may be helpful to you.

From @Microsoft_EDU and @ @tomshepp I found a link to a great set of Microsoft training resources for educators. This is not to be missed.

From Mark Hindsbo (@mhindsbo) I found a post that suggests you check out Code for America - a great cause. This looks very worthwhile.

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