EdChat Education Discussions on Twitter

Have you ever wondered what good Twitter was for educators? Well #EdChat is one thing that is very useful. And pretty interesting as well. EdChat is an informal interactive (VERY interactive) discussion by people interested in various education topics. The participants include teachers, administrators, and other interested parties. The subjects range far and wide. Things get going pretty quickly sometimes with lots of cross chatter. It can be hard to keep up with but if you focus a little it is manageable for most people. A little summary from the #EdChat Facebook page.

#Edchat is a hashtag discussion among educators from all over the world on education related topics. It happens every Tuesday at Noon EDT and 7PM EDT. To join us simply follow the #Edchat hashtag on Twitter!

I wish there were enough computer science educators on twitter to have a similar but more targeted discussion. Perhaps one day. In the mean time, #edchat is one discussion that many in education will find useful and interesting.

BTW you can follow me on Twitter at @AlfredTwo if you are on Twitter I hope you will follow and Tweet to let me know you are there.

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