Interesting Links July 26 2010

I sure have been traveling a lot lately. I spent the early part of last week at Stevens Institute of Technology talking about user interface design and creating interactive web sites using Expression Web. There were about 30 teachers in these workshops but the best part was meeting some people in person who I have communicated with via email for years. The face to face meetings make it all so much better. I left a copy of the Expression Web based Web Development curriculum on DVD with all the teachers but you can get it (for free of course) from as well.

Know any students who would rather get their information from peers? Well Microsoft Student Insiders are now Online, come check them out at This a a really great program that sends students to some special Microsoft events where they blog and twitter for students.

From Eugene Wallingford (@wallingf) I found a link to The Programmer Hierarchy. It’s a humorous look at what sort of programmers look down on what other sorts of programmers. I can see it sparking a discussion of if this ordering makes sense and why or why not.

From @TechFTW and the Microsoft Student Lounge, Get all the tools for building Windows Phone Series 7 apps

From @iRobotSPARK a link to an article about how Robots are fun way to teach math, science

Speaking of students, from  @imaginecupus I see that there is a new Internet video series called ‘My Intern Life 2’ where people can meet some amazing interns at Microsoft. If you know someone interested in what the Microsoft intern experience is like this would be a place to start.

CyKho is back! Cy Khormaee has reopened his blog at You can also follow Cy on twitter  @CyKho though we need to get him twittering more.

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