Interesting Links July 19th 2010

I spent some time in California at the CSTA CS & IT Symposium last week. Great stuff to learn and a lot (though never enough) of time to talk to friends both old and new. Doug Peterson has a good review of the event (2010 CSIT Symposium) as does Hélène Martin (Computer Science Teachers Conference (CSTA CS/IT 2010)). I hope to see you at next year’s event.

The good people @Microsoft_EDU that Microsoft Institutes for Education Leaders are coming to Cambridge MA and New York City in August. There is still time to get in on these three day workshops.

From the @TheOfficialACM twitter account I found that both the ACM and CSTA are quoted in a new EdWeek piece "Schools Fall Behind in Offering Computer Science" Microsoft and Google are referenced as two companies who are championing computer science education. Personally I think more companies need to jump in and help.

From @XNACommunity there are some new samples now available on the XNA CCO Education Roadmap! They include some Windows Phone 7 samples by the way.

Speaking of which, the new  Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta Released.

Lastly I wrote a little post at the Educators Royal Treatment titled  Assessment and Trust that has a little something to upset almost everyone. Please comment.

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