Getting Close to ISTE Time

I am starting to put stuff together to take with me to ISTE this weekend. I get in Sunday sometime and already have a dinner meeting set up. And some stuff do to Sunday afternoon if I get in early enough. I’ve been planning on this trip for a while of course. I have my official work duties, plans to meet with a bunch of friends, hopes of making more friends at the blogger cafe, and maybe even making some regular sessions. 🙂 I wrote up some thoughts about how to get the most out of ISTE on the Educators Royal Treatment last week in a post called Getting the Most Out of ISTE. We’ll see if I can follow my own advice and leave my laptop locked up in my room. 

So far a couple of big deal events for me. Monday night Microsoft and Dell are hosting a Tweet up. If you are a twitter user (even if you just read) or want to meet some interesting people who do interesting things online you will want to be there. It’s Monday at 4:30pm at Denver’s 16Mix located in the Sheraton Downtown Denver. Visit the ISTE Tweet up signup site for more information and a free ticket. I hope to see you there.

I have some scheduled booth duty time as well. I hope you will stop by the Microsoft booth (#1354) at ISTE 2010 and get a free Leaning Suite DVD - free tools & resources for educators! I mean there is a lot of good stuff on this DVD!

I’m also looking forward to attending the SIGCT Breakfast Forum: Computer Science and IT Meet Engineering: Getting Students Interested in STEM and the Computing Teachers SIG (SIGCT) Meeting. I’m a long time SIGCT member and these are highlights of any ISTE for me.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Microsoft is hosting free breakfast presentations in the Hyatt Hotel. If you are regular follower of this blog you may be particularly interested in Tuesday’s breakfast.

Resources for STEM and Computing Educators

Join us for a quick overview of Microsoft Expression Studio for Web design, XNA Game Studio, Kodu game environment for younger students, and the World Wide Telescope. Experienced educators will be on hand to answer your questions.

For more information about these breakfasts, some lunch meetings and other special Microsoft sessions see Microsoft at ISTE 2010. You’ll also find some links there to sessions that are on the general ISTE schedule including sessions on XNA and Web Development curriculum.

I’m planning on wearing my cowboy hat a lot ACT2 so I should be easy to find. I hope that if you are reading this you will at least stop by and say Hi if you are also at ISTE. If not, I’ll be blogging a good bit and Tweeting from @AlfredTwo so follow along at home.

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