Windows Phone 7 Series Programming

Programming phones seems to be the hot new thing these days. Yesterday Microsoft announced the availability of free programming tools for the new Windows Phone 7 Series of devices. Start with Visual Studio 2010 Express for Phone beta.

Windows Phone Developer Tools includes:

  • Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone

  • Windows Phone Emulator

  • Silverlight for Windows Phone

  • XNA Game Studio 4.0 CTP

I’ve got the complete set and am installing it today. With the Windows Phone Emulator I can get some code developed even before the phones themselves become available. I’m just trying to figure out want to create.

Need some documentation? Charles Petzold's preview ebook Programming Windows  Phone 7 Series is now available online at

How about Code Samples for Windows Phone? There are some of those as well. And don’t miss out on the Windows Phone 7 Series Developer Training Kit!

And there is a special DreamSpark program for students!

DreamSpark and Windows Marketplace for Mobile have joined together bringing more free offerings to students. As if free software wasn’t enough, Microsoft is expanding its DreamSpark program by enabling students to sell Windows Phone applications in the Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

The DreamSpark program waives the $99 registration fee for the Windows Marketplace for Mobile to all verified students. Students now have the tools, services and platforms to get a head start on their careers.

Comments (3)

  1. Brian Scarbeau says:

    Thanks for the links. Guess what I’ll be doing with my students after the AP exam?

  2. Brian Scarbeau says:

    I got too excited. You need windows 7 or vista on the pc’s in your lab with the latest graphics card to run the phone emulator. Here’s a blog post to check your video card.

  3. AlfredTh says:

    I know you are going to love Windows 7 when you finally install it. Really you will.

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