Interesting Links 15 March 2010

I know I’m running late this week. The weekend was crazy. You don’t want to know about my troubles getting home from SIGCSE over the weekend. On the fun side, yesterday was Pi day (3.14) so don’t forget that a pizza of radius "z" and of thickness "a" has volume = pi*z*z*a You can groan now. Here now a few links to get your week started

@anitaborg_org reminds us that SF Bay Area young women grades 9-12 NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing applications due April 2. Also in Portland OR. There is a similar program in the Denver area with a later deadline. More information about NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing at their web site.

From @scottlum Calling student photographers: Enter the Bing Earth Day Photo Contest

Proof that Microsoft hires some smart people, Chuck Thacher with Microsoft Research is awarded the 2009 Turning Award. Chuck Thacher bio.

From @TeachTec: Forget dioramas in an old shoebox. Students can create a digital slide show using Microsoft Photo Story.

Yeah, not a lot this week. But I have ideas for a bunch of posts based on things I heard at SIGCSE so the rest of the week should be more interesting.



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