Interesting Links 1 March 2010

Is it March that comes in like a lion and out like a lamb? Well up here in New Hampshire February left like a lion. At one point Thursday some 40% of the state was without power because of crazy high winds and some serious snow fall. I was lucky not to be without power very long but my cable TV is still out days later. Of course those who still don’t have power are much worse off. Every so often nature has this way of reminding us not to take things for granted. Lots of schools are closed around here today which extends last week’s school vacation by an extra day. But for the rest of you I have some links to share. BTW many of these links came via Twitter and were shared over the course of the week. If you want to follow me on Twitter I am @AlfredTwo.

From @MS_Student I found this link to a new blog in the Student Lounge: Can a Microsoft Certification really help you in today's job market?

Darren Doyle (@darrendoyle ) posted a blog comparison between Bing vs. Google maps. If you have not checked out Bing Maps please take a look at this post and do some comparisons of your own.

Several good links came by on the issues of women in computing. First off was a new home for a great set of resources with lots of Women in Programming historical and reference information now available at Secondly, ACM-W, the ACMS's women in computing computing group has a newly updated website Check them both out!

Are you writing a blog post for Ada Lovelace day later this month? Sign the pledge and join in The idea is for thousands of people to blog about women in technology on March 24th 2010. I’ve signed up and have already written my post. You’ll have to wait to see it though. I encourage everyone with a blog to join in this year. Yes I posted this link two weeks ago but I thought a reminder was due.

On Twitter @PlanetKodu Announced "We've got some wonderful interviews lined up for the free Planet Kodu course! If you've not signed up yet, head over to” and sign up. The first week is up at as well.

Senior Microsoft VP Soma Somasegar talks about Key Software Development Trends Soma runs the part of Microsoft that is responsible for developer tools such as Visual Studio and more. He has to have his finger on the pulse of software trends. This is an interesting read for anyone interested in the trends going on today and into the future.

Are you familiar with Microsoft teacher guides for the classroom? Lots of guides for teachers of any and all subjects.

Watch videos, and download guides and e-books to inspire your class and to help you make the best use of tools and technology in your lessons.

Digital storytelling Creating digital stories ignites a love of learning and is a powerful student-centered learning activity.

Free tools Engage your students, energize a lesson plan, and save time using free tools you can download today.

The Microsoft Office System Improve collaboration and increase productivity with Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Office Word, and Office OneNote.

Windows 7 Make everyday tasks easier, and take less time to complete them. You’ll quickly discover shortcuts to the things you use the most.

Windows Live Movie Maker Enhance your lessons with movies you make in Windows Live Movie Maker. It’s fun and easy.

Lastly this message for the Microsoft Students to Business program (on twitter @MicrosoftS2B) Register Now For The Spring Microsofts2b Webcast Series Lots of great webcasts still to come. Check it out and recommend them to students looking to help prepare themselves for future careers.

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