Summer Computer Camps 2010

Last week I posted about some professional development opportunities for teachers this summer. I expect to post most in the days to come. But for now the other big question I get is about summer computer camps for students. Especially with a game development focus. There are many local camps around the country and some universities host independent programs so you will want to look at those locations near you. But I have a few more general links to share.

The big story in computer camps is iD Tech Camps. These camps are held at universities all over the US and Canada. From their web site:

60 prestigious universities:  Stanford, MIT, Princeton…
Courses:  3D video game design, web design, Flash®, programming, robotics, video editing and more

Select universities.  Options:  iD Gaming Academy,
iD Visual Arts Academy, iD Programming Academy

Giant Campus used to run camps as well but have stopped. They do have some programs that may be interesting though. For example they have an online camp. Not sure how that works but it may be something to look into if there is nothing local to you.

In Canada, looks like just Ontario, there is Real Programming 4 Kids which bills itself as “Canada’s leading programming programming camps 4 kids” They look interesting at the very least.

For serious game development https://www.digipen.eduDigiPen Institute of Technology has a number of DigiPen Outreach Programs. Most of their programs are in Redmond Washington but they have several at other locations and online as well.

That’s what I have now. Feel free to recommend these or any others you know if in the comments. Thanks!

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  1. Interesting games for  all fans and dedicated gamers from all continents. It is the best way to kill time.

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